Ita Bag Grading System

Ita Bags are all handmade, making each one "one of a kind." Please refer to the descriptions below for more detailed information on how I grade my pins.

Standard Grade

Very little to almost no flaws. From a distance of about 6 inches or less, you likely won't notice anything wrong with the bags. They may have very tiny scuffs, small scratches on the metal, etc. but are not very noticeable in use or at a quick glance.

I do not sell "perfect" collector's grade bags. Bags may have very small flaws that naturally occur due to production. However, the flaws may not be noticeable at first glance unless you stare closely.

B Grade

Slight discount due to more visible flaws. May include some noticeable glue or scratches, large scratches or some discoloration on the hardware, lower filled enamel, slightly weaker magnet closure, or very noticeable loose threads. Can be noticed from a distance and/or at a quick glance.