Ita Backpack / Plushie Ita Bag / Plushies Updates

Ita Backpack / Plushie Ita Bag / Plushies Updates

Update as of 3 March 2024

Bags nearly finished with production, aiming to ship to me end of March (sea shipping takes a month)

My manu rep has updated that bags are nearly finished with production. I will post photos of the finished bags in a separate update once I receive them. 

Please note it will ship to me via sea freight, and it takes about a month to get to me + go through customs. 

What happens when you receive them? (Next steps)

If everything goes well, I hope to receive them late April / early May. Then I will quality check each bag and send out an update on Kickstarter to double check shipping addresses as they will be locked.

I will then start packing orders and you'll receive separate emails with package tracking info (aiming to do this in late May / early June). For any issues with orders, I may reach out via your email from Kickstarter (or Kickstarter DM), please make sure your emails are not full so they do not bounce

If you sent me a question but I have not responded:

Please politely follow up on your message, I may have missed it as I receive a lot of messages. I appreciate your patience through all of this.

Reposting the past update below if you missed it.

Estimated delivery date is still June/July 2024. 

I will be posting updates over the next several months on how production is going, when bags are finished, when I've received them and go through quality check, etc.

In that time, I suggest regularly emptying your inbox, so there is storage, as there have been instances where someone's inbox is full. I am then not able to contact them and have had to cancel their pledge as I am not able to ship it.

Again, to reduce spam I will only post necessary updates. I will not respond to questions asking for status if it is not near the ETA (May/June 2024).

🤔 Questions?

If you have any questions, please email I try my best to respond within 5-8 days.

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