[PREORDER] Anime Chibi Sorcerer Filler Enamel Pins (Erin)

[PREORDER] Anime Chibi Sorcerer Filler Enamel Pins (Erin)

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Pin Specifications

  • Hard enamel pin
  • 0.5 in / 12 mm tall
  • Gold metal plated
  • 1 Blue rubber backing clutch

Additional Specifications

  • Cursed energy filler pin glows in the dark


Pre-orders close on Sunday, 3 October 2021 at 11:59pm PST (Los Angeles time - please convert to your own timezone!)

Pins will take up to 1-2 months for production and fulfillment. There are no refunds for pre-orders as the funds are required to produce the pin.

By ordering any of these pins, you agree to these terms.

Updates on the pins will be posted on my Instagram @mualcaina.

If you are from the EU/UK and wish to pre-order, please DM me on Instagram @mualcaina or email me at hello@mualcaina.com and I will create an Etsy listing for pre-order.