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[PRE-ORDER] Inserts - The Heartfelt Ita Bag and Wallet

[PRE-ORDER] Inserts - The Heartfelt Ita Bag and Wallet

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Insert Specifications

  • Your choice of insert color for either the bag OR wallet
  • Insert includes outline so you know where to organize your pins so it shows through the window
  • Bag and wallet are NOT included

If you wish to pre-order the Heartfelt Ita Bag, you may purchase them from this listing here. For the Heartfelt Ita Wallet you may pre-order here.

Changes From Sample

  • Heart wallet insert will be made of faux leather, similar to the bag insert.


    Pre-orders close on Monday, 16 January 2023 11:59pm PST (Los Angeles time - please convert to your own timezone!)

    Inserts will take up to 5-6 months for production and fulfillment (ETA June 2023). There are no refunds for pre-orders as the funds are required to produce the inserts.

    Updates will be posted on my Instagram @mualcaina


    Due to high quantities of orders, processing your order may take 1-2 weeks. This does not include shipping time. By placing an order you agree to this timeline.

    We use USPS for all shipments (domestic and International) and you will receive an automated email with tracking info when your order is shipped. For ita bag orders, we will ship via UPS.

    Please check out our Shipping Policies for more details and common questions.

    Return policy

    We do not offer any exchanges, returns, or refunds of any kind for any product listed on

    Please email if you receive any damaged or wrong item within 21 business days (3 weeks) since the ship date to adjust any issue you may have. We cannot assist you after 21 business days (3 weeks) or if the item has been used.

    Pin Grading System

    Pins are all handmade, making each one "one of a kind." Please refer to the descriptions below for more detailed information on how I grade my pins.

    Standard Grade

    Very little to almost no flaws. From a distance of about 6 inches or less, you likely won't notice anything wrong with the pins. They may have slightly lower filled enamel, small scratches on the metal, etc. but are not very noticeable.

    I do not sell "perfect" collector's grade pins. Pins may appear to have very small flaws that naturally occur due to production. However, the flaws may not be noticeable at first glance unless you stare closely.

    B Grade (a.k.a. "seconds")

    Slight discount due to more visible flaws. May include some noticeable dust particles trapped inside the enamel, lower filled enamel, small nicks in the enamel, scratches on the enamel, or slightly slanted posts. Can be noticed from a distance or if you stare too long.
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